Sen. Olympia Snowe Speaks to Sec. Geithner

By • Nov 28th, 2011 • Category: News

What is being described as some as “a tongue lashing”, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe talks to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner about the problems with the Obama Administration and who they are listening to or getting their information from. Sen. Snowe encourages Sec. Geithner to get out and talk with the person on the street and discover what they want and expect.

While Snowe’s lecture was far from a tongue lashing, it can mostly be perceived as a bunch of whining and complaining while offering nothing constructive. Oh, she said all the things one would expect from a politician. She said all the right things, as if that would somehow accomplish something.

There was one moment in which I think Sen. Snowe was headed in the right direction. She spoke of the people not daring to do anything because of so much uncertainty. I assumed she was referring to people spending money and/or hiring new employees. For this, I believe she is correct. I think there exists in this country some capital that is waiting to be spent and invested into business, jobs and growth, but with this administration people just don’t dare to make that move out of fear the government will steal the money or railroad the effort.

Perhaps we are staring down the barrel of a gun that’s loaded with poor leadership, uncaring and uncertainty. This is a classic example of how perception can make or break an economy.

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