Quimby Thinks I’ll of Maine People, Continues to Alienate and Divide

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Roxanne Quimby has an odd way of seeking support for her 70,000-acre national park. As was pointed out in an earlier featured article on the Maine Web Report, Quimby has not made very many friends since becoming a land baron in the state of Maine. She has taken that continued poor public relations campaign to a new level by calling Maine a “welfare state” and a host of other elitist and derogatory comments leveled at the state of Maine and the people who live there.

The Bangor Daily News on Friday of last week reported on comments Quimby made in an interview with Forbes.

The Black Bear Blog has reported on Quimby’s poor public relations in the past and just today remarked on all the nasty comments Quimby had to say about Maine and how it will affect her chances of getting a park.

As Ms. Quimby continues her pursuit to formulate a national park, one has to wonder just how divisive this person has become. Has she alienated enough people that that alone will not give her the support she needs for her park?

Perhaps it is time for Roxanne Quimby to find a public relations manager.

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