Obama’s Jobs Speech Proposes…..Er….Why Is It So Difficult

By • Sep 9th, 2011 • Category: News

Americans should be asking themselves this morning why it took nearly three weeks for the president to get his act together in order to deliver a speech that said in another 11 days or so, he will give us some details on how he’s going to create some more jobs. Are you kidding me? Why?

The only specifics I heard were creating more government paying jobs which we have already learned that more people are working government jobs than private sector and government jobs only take, produce nothing and are unsustainable.

So why is it so hard to get this economy going? Simple really. Ideology, politics and agendas. It’s not that difficult. Are we that stupid? No, is about ideology, politics and agendas.

I have two suggestions that I guarantee will get people working, give people more money in their pockets, resurrect consumer confidence and at the same time solve our energy independence.

Briefly, first Congress must stop spending and cut, cut, cut. All we hear is we can’t cut this, we can’t cut that. This is too big to fail. There’s nothing left to cut. Baloney. When I spend more than I make I have to cut. There’s always somewhere to cut. Do I really need to spend $110 a month for cable TV? Do I need both a land phone and cell phone? How many cars do I really need? Boat? Motorcycle? Get my drift?

Secondly, we need to start drilling. For decades everyone will agree that when the price of oil goes up, it affects EVERYTHING. Well, if the price of oil goes down, won’t it also affect everything? I’m not so naive to believe that lowering prices of oil will follow the same graph lines as rising prices. We see that now in the price of crude oil vs. the price of gas at the pump.

We need refineries to produce more gas. Let’s built them. More refineries means more gas which means lower prices. We need more crude to refine. Let’s drill. Building refineries and drilling for oil and natural gas will instantly create jobs. Telling OPEC and the rest of the world we’re going to drill our own resources will affect the entire global economy. The price of crude drops and this one phenomenon will stimulate global economies, including the U.S.

Instant creation of jobs and instant lowering of gas prices will make people feel confident. They will immediately see a few bucks more in their pockets. As confidence increases, their willingness to spend money goes up. This starts the cycle. Some things will be realized instantly. Others will take time but at least we are moving forward.

How difficult is this really?

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