Obama’s Bully Czar Is a Despicable Bully – White House Should be Ashamed

By • Apr 30th, 2012 • Category: News

The President of the United States of America appointed Dan Savage to head up his anti-bullying campaign. Evidently President Obama believes it is okay to fight bullying with bullying. As Americans, on this one issue right here, we need to get beyond any nonsense of free speech, etc. as this is a mandated expression of the White House, of Barack Hussein Obama, of the presidential office of this country, a reflection upon our society. To use the foul and despicable language to degrade and abuse the Hole Bible for the purpose of supposed bullying is many things but it is one thing that should NEVER come with approval from any president of the United States. You listen and you decide where you are at on this one.

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