Jean Smart: Judge, Juror, God, Brainwashed

By • Aug 23rd, 2012 • Category: Campaign, Education, National News, Politics, Religion, The Absurd

I’ve said it before, Todd Akin is an idiot. He epitomizes politicians. He’s ignorant and a liar. However, people are just like him who choose to stand as judge and jury, even invoking God’s judgement on, not only this man, but declaring that republicans cannot be Christian. While placing herself on a pedestal, Jean Smart, after casting her god’s full judgement on all republicans, admits she doesn’t know what’s in the Bible.

It’s okay to be outraged over Todd Akin’s comments. But it seems an obsession now with brainwashed, non thinking people like Jean Smart, to paint with broad brushes, claim the discrimination against women, while at the same time supporting people who are the biggest perpetrators against women. Dare I name names?

Please engage brain before making lips move.

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  • bill miller

    jean smart—-i am a republican, and i forgive you for being so stupid !