In The Name of National Security, Obama Confiscates Your Bank Account

By • Apr 30th, 2012 • Category: National News, Rights, U.N./Agenda 21

The Patriot Act comes to mind as a tool to defraud you of your rights. Our abducted education system has done a remarkable job of convincing the subjects, through the use of fear mongering, that we must give up our rights for such things as national security, the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, to stop global warming, to end the use of fossil fuels, to mandate clean air and water, and to save the planet. When we cede our rights away, we are clueless, intentionally so, as to the full impact or intent of what is being done.

Here is a classic example that you should read about. After 9/11 we gave away more of our rights having been indoctrinated that it was necessary to fight the war on terror. When events like this happen, a small contingency of Americans become vocal, standing up for our rights. These individuals are always demonized and scoffed at, even by those labeling themselves conservatives, an exemplification of the thorough work done by the brain washers.

A law, the “Bank Secrecy Act“, was passed after 9/11. The people were convinced it was to stop terrorists from moving large sums of money from bank to bank to fund terrorism. When true patriots expressed the potential for government abuse, they, as always, were derided and we heard the same lame statement that we have heard for decades now: “That’s not going to happen here. This is America.”

But how is it not happening here now, when an example of one Maryland farm family who have had their bank accounts seized and effectively run out of business because they opted to split their money into more than one bank to avoid the bureaucratic nightmare created through the Bank Secrecy Act? Read what your government has done to them.

Now, Obama has the Dept. of Justice going after small farmers under the post-911 “Bank Secrecy Act” which makes it a crime to deposit less than $10,000 when you earned more than that.

“The level we deposited was what it was and it was about the same every week,” Randy Sowers told Frederick News. The Sowers own and run South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Maryland.

Admittedly, when the Sowers earned over $10,000 in February, and learned they’d have to fill out paperwork at the bank for such large deposits, they simply rolled the deposits over to keep them below the none-of-your ****-business amount, rather than waste time on bureaucratic red tape aimed at flagging terrorism or other illegal activities.

“Structuring,” explains, “is the federal criminal offense of splitting up bank deposits so as to keep them under a threshold such as $10,000 above which banks have to report transactions to the government.”

While being questioned, the Sowers were finally presented with a seizure order and advised that the feds had already emptied their bank account of $70,000. The Dept. of Justice has since sued to keep $63,000 of the Sowers’ money, though they committed no crime other than maintaining their privacy.

Without funds, they will be unable to make purchases for the spring planting.

When a similar action was taken against Taylor’s Produce Stand last year, the feds seized $90,000, dropped the charges, and kept $45,000 of Taylor’s money. –

Unfortunately, little will change. We have been raised a society of submissive sheep. We believe that our government is looking out for our best interest. We believe that we must give up our freedom for government.

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