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Quimby Apologizes in An Odd Sort of Way

By • Oct 18th, 2011

TweetRoxanne Quimby, in an editorial in the Bangor Daily News, made an attempt at apologizing for her derogatory remarks she made about the people of Maine and the state in general. Maybe people don’t understand what an apology is or how to go about giving one. At the end of Quimby’s apology, she quotes Abraham [...]

Quimby Thinks I’ll of Maine People, Continues to Alienate and Divide

By • Oct 10th, 2011

TweetRoxanne Quimby has an odd way of seeking support for her 70,000-acre national park. As was pointed out in an earlier featured article on the Maine Web Report, Quimby has not made very many friends since becoming a land baron in the state of Maine. She has taken that continued poor public relations campaign to [...]

Should Maine Be Concerned Over Wildlife Diseases From Overblown Populations of Coyotes?

By • Oct 5th, 2011

TweetA very popular website, “As Maine Goes”, recently headlined a story, “Coyotes: Good or Bad for Maine?“. The last time I checked there were 6 pages of discussion on the topic. Missing from those pages was any discussion about diseases carried by coyotes. We know from previous studies that Maine’s coyote population, arguably numbering in [...]

Roxanne Quimby's Actions Make Her an Island Unto Herself

By • Sep 27th, 2011

Tweet*Update*: To some, Roxanne Quimby is the quintessential success story. A kind of rags to riches story of a woman creating a product popular with consumers and growing from a kitchen business to a multimillion dollar enterprise. She sells her business and begins making other investments. Is this not capitalism at its finest? But is [...]

Maine Woman Guilty of Theft of Hunting/Fishing Lic. Fees Gets Loan From Quasi Gov. Agency to Pay Restitution

By • Sep 16th, 2011

TweetWhat began as a troubling and disgusting story of Lynn C. Taylor, 64 of Portage Lake, Maine stealing, “misappropriating” for those wishing to be politically correct, money that belonged to the State of Maine, now has a bizarre and disturbing twist, leaving many Maine residents wondering what is going on. On September 12, 2001, on [...]

Obama’s Jobs Speech Proposes…..Er….Why Is It So Difficult

By • Sep 9th, 2011

TweetAmericans should be asking themselves this morning why it took nearly three weeks for the president to get his act together in order to deliver a speech that said in another 11 days or so, he will give us some details on how he’s going to create some more jobs. Are you kidding me? Why? [...]

BDN One Sided Attack on Justice Clarence Thomas

By • Sep 7th, 2011

TweetThe Bangor Daily News goes out of its way to excoriate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as possessing, “extreme conservatism” and manipulating the other members of the High Court to follow his “extremism”. It appears that the editorial staff of the BDN relies completely on the work of another journalist’s writing in the New Yorker [...]

Parts and Pieces of Wind Turbines Make Their Way Into Maine

By • Aug 31st, 2011

Tweet*Editor’s Note* All photos taken by Milt Inman. There are two wind energy projects under construction in Maine this summer – Record Hill Wind in Roxbury near Rumford and Spruce Mountain Wind in Woodstock. The picture to the left was taken recently as trucks, escorted by Maine State Police, were winding their way through the [...]

Maine Very Wet With Some Damage But Falls Short of Pre-Storm Hype

By • Aug 29th, 2011

Tweet Of course if you are one of the ones directly affected by Tropical Storm Irene, you may not agree with the assessment that Maine was spared the brunt of the storm, although there are pockets of serious damage. As of this writing, no deaths or serious injury had been reported. One report out of [...]

Maine Braces for Irene

By • Aug 26th, 2011

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